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Tapered Lens Technology

What is Tapered Lens Technology?

Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) is an exclusive Smith lens shaping technique that corrects for the refraction that happens when light passes through a curved lens. 

What are the benefits of TLT?

TLT straightens out incoming light rays, reducing visual distortion and eye fatigue. 

How does TLT work?

Refraction, or direction change, occurs when light passes through a medium. An aggressively curved lens can bend light and distort an object’s true size or position. TLT corrects for this distortion with progressive tapering of the lens from the optical center toward the outer edges. This tapering effectively allows for light waves to be delivered straight to the eye, providing true optical clarity.

Do Smith Optics goggle lenses use TLT?

All Smith Optics goggles use TLT to provide distortion-free vision.

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