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What is ChromaPop?

ChromaPop is a proprietary lens technology from Smith that enhances clarity and natural color beyond normal capacity to allow for better visual detail. 

What are the benefits of ChromaPop?

ChromaPop lenses make everything appear more vivid and clear, reducing eye strain and fatigue. 

How does ChromaPop work?

ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion—specifically, the retina’s trouble distinguishing between blue and green and red and green light perception. ChromaPop lenses filter these specific crossovers, allowing for greater definition, natural color, and clarity.

Who are ChromaPop lenses good for?

ChromaPop lenses are good for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. They are especially good for anyone dealing with eye fatigue or trouble with contrast. 

What is the difference between ChromaPop and ChromaPop Plus?

ChromaPop polarized lenses are optically tuned to provide visual comfort and impact protection while also offering anti-reflective, water- and oil-resistant coatings and 100% UV protection. 

ChromaPop Plus polarized lenses deliver the same benefits of ChromaPop lenses but offer additional clarity and are as much as 10% lighter than standard ChromaPop lenses. 

Get clarity with ChromaPop!

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