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Smith CORE Mission

The mission of the Community Responsibility initiative is to provide a framework and driving force which enables SMITH to make consistent and measurable steps forward to reducing our environmental impact and helping promote the causes we value.

Smith CORE Vision

For over the last 50 years, we've pioneered advanced products to fuel fun beyond walls. While our products remain at the intersection of life and sport, we focus on a larger intitiative--community responsibility. These elements do not live individually, rather as an ecosystem to support he people who liver their lives outdoors underneath the stars or in the barrel.

Smith's community responsibility ecosystem is driven by two pillars; sustainability and activism.


Smith CORE Workplace

At the CORE of our ethos we recognize we built our culture to stand up on principle to live life beyond walls. Whether it is time on the trail, in the line up or exploring the mountains -- our flexible workplace enables our employees to be in the outdoors and participate in environmental causes they're passionate about.

Smith CORE Non Profit

The outdoors are for everyone! While sometimes there are economic barriers to access -- we align with brand partners who share our values to give back and raise awareness for causes that will contribute to a healthy environment and community for our friends and family.


Smith CORE Design

We design and innovate to enable our users to enjoy every moment in the outdoors. With that, we strive to reduce the impact by creating durable, repairable and upgradable products made from recycled and recyclable materials without excess features. We're focusing on the essentials to support lifelong experiences.

Smith CORE Manufacturing

The manufacturing process required to deliver world class optical clarity and industry-leading protection has an impact on the environment. We promise to deliver the most transparent LCE for Smith products till it reaches your in the outdoors.  The information we know is shared with our consumers.  We know we can't be perfect-- but we are striving to reach our environmental impact daily by addressing all inputs and outputs of manufacturing; including energy, water, wastewater, waste, chemical use, and greenhouse gas emissions.