The Ride of Your Life

For us, bikes are life.

They steal our money and reward our souls. They introduce us to our best friends. They expose our weaknesses and reveal our strengths. They’re an analogue compass for an organic world. We wouldn’t be going anywhere without the friggin’ things.

This is why on May 25, 2019, 10 friends headed north on an 11 day, 2500km ride with little more than the lycra on our backs, the credit cards in our pockets, and the need to find out: “How far can we go?”

We were in for the ride of our lives.

At the core of our crew were six guys who’ve been riding bikes together for nearly two decades. Though we’ve laid down serious miles on the trails over the years, across the country and planet, this was our first adventure on skinny tires. Luckily, road biking is super easy.

The crew, in no particular order; Alex Conlon, Jamie Blades, Mark Taylor, Matt Tirrell, Will Cadham, Quinn Lanzon, Huw Thomas, Dave Kenworthy, and Braedyn Kozman, with award-winning cinematographer Graeme Meiklejohn who captured the whole trip from his trusty Honda Element.

Our mission was two-fold: to have fun and to share our love for riding everywhere we go, without being preachy or pricks. We just think bikes are good for you, for a good time, for life. No big deal. We also decided to raise money for the Yellowknife Mountain BIke Club to go towards the community’s newest bike park.

The Route:

Day 1 – Whistler to Lillooet + NIMBY Fifty

169km | 3,5111m climb

Day 2 – Lillooet to Williams Lake

270km | 2,341m climb

Day 3 – Williams Lake to Prince George

240km | 1,686m climb

Day 4 – Prince George to Azouzetta Cabins, Pine Pass

200km | 593mc climb

Day 5 – Azouzetta Cabins to Dawson Creek

205km | 970m climb

Day 6 – Dawson Creek to Pink Mountain

233km | 2,592m climb

Day 7 – Pink Mountain to Fort Nelson

22.9km – 1,628m climb

Day 8 – Fort Nelson to Fort Liard, NWT

210.9km | 1,523m climb

Day 9 – Fort Liard, NWT to Trout Lake, NWT

197.4km | 1,009m climb

Day 10 – Trout Lake, NWT to Fort Providence

290.3km | 758m climb

Bonus Day 11 – Fort Providence, NWT to Yellowknife

317.8km | 743m climb

For more details or to donate, visit our GoFundMe page: