Monroe Peak Sunglasses Throw it Back to 1993

Monroe Peak Sunglasses Throw it Back to 1993

When your company dates back to the 1960’s it means you have a pretty impressive archive to pull from. Everyone has a personal favorite style that they wish they could bring back from our old catalogs and every so often there’s a style that is so cool and so ahead of its time that we have to do just that. 

images from Smith Optics 1993 catalog showing the Monroe Peak sunglasses

Monroe Peak initially debuted in our 1993 catalog (you can wear them with backwards ski goggles on your head like the catalog model but that’s strictly optional). What makes these sunglasses so unique are the wide temples that have lenses in them so you can get major sun protection while still preserving your peripheral vision. 

Woman wearing Monroe Peak sunglasses

Once we knew we wanted to bring back Monroe Peak sunglasses, we knew they would need a few tweaks to take them from 1993 to 2023. We updated the lenses with ChromaPop™ to bring them up to speed but kept the silhouette the same. When we say we updated the lenses, we mean all 4 of them, so you can even see through the side lenses with crisp ChromaPop™ clarity. 

Throw it back to 1993 and check out the Monroe Peak sunglasses here.