How We Created the Rhythm MTB Goggles

How We Created the Rhythm MTB Goggles

How do you build a pair of MTB goggles from the ground up? We sat down with our product team to learn more about what went into designing the Rhythm MTB goggles.

“When we set out to build the Rhythm MTB goggles we knew we wanted to build a race-inspired MTB-specific goggle from the ground up,” explained Sheila Delaney, Bike Category Manager at Smith. “It was important to us to introduce a new goggle specifically built for mountain biking.”

We Asked the Athletes

One of the first steps in the design process was surveying 20 of our mountain bike athletes. We wanted to better understand their wants, needs, and any necessary features they look for in a goggle.

“Some of the important pieces of athlete feedback we received in the initial survey were the need for the strap to exit from goggle outriggers which makes it wrap around a full-face helmet better, for it to fit with roll-offs for racing in wet climates, and an optional dirt screen.” said Sheila Delaney.

Many MTB goggles are adapted from ski or moto designs but with the Rhythm we started from scratch. This allowed us to create a more compact package, as the outriggers are designed to fit mountain bike helmets rather than moto helmets. The result is that the Rhythm is lighter and can incorporate better ventilation for more comfortable days on the trails.

Customizable for the Conditions

By designing the Rhythm to be compatible with roll-offs and an optional dirt screen, we made them ready for anything.

“The ability to insert a dirt screen onto the open lattice really makes a huge difference when riding in groups during the summer. It allows you to stay cool without getting all the crusties in your eyes,” said Tucker White, Goggle Product Line Manager. “The wide open lattice structure between the outer frame and the face flange is my favorite part of these goggles. As someone who gets very hot and sweaty while riding, this added ventilation and airflow really helps keep my goggles fog-free.”

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