Athlete Andrea Byrne wearing the Method helmet

How We Created the Method Helmet

What goes into designing a new ski or snowboard helmet so that it’s comfortable, breathable, and (most important of all) helps keep you safe? We sat down with our product team to learn more about what went into designing the brand new Method Helmet

Building on Classic Styles

The origin of this helmet lies in some of our favorite past styles of helmets, the Maze and the Allure. “Maze and Allure had their great run, and it was time to bring them into the present with updated timeless styling and added features and tech, like zonal KOROYD® protection for example.” said Jake Dixon, the Global Product Line Manager of Helmets here at Smith. 

While the Method has more protective tech than its predecessors, we kept it light and breezy with eight fixed vents and our proven AirEvac tech. Jake Dixon gave us further insight into its construction, saying, “Method is made using an in-mold construction style that fuses the exterior polycarbonate shell and EPS foam for a one-piece design that’s lightweight and durable. Pairing this construction style with KOROYD®, results in an extremely light weight helmet. Remove the earpads and it gets even lighter. I love knowing I am protected while wearing Method even though I forget it’s even there due to it only being 400g in size Medium.” To give you an idea of exactly how lightweight that is, that’s as light as our Summit Helmet, or about how much two apples or four decks of cards weigh. 

Details Make the Difference  

The Method is designed so that you can adjust it based on how you like to wear your gear, whether you like to wear a beanie, prefer cozy audio system compatible earpads, or wear your goggle strap under your helmet. Jake Dixon explained “Method users gravitate to it due to its modularity features like removable ear pads and goggle clip. This lets the Method alter its features to fit with their changing needs.” The adaptable nature of the Method is a bit of a reflection of the riders we made it for, freestyle riders who love to change it up. 

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