COmmitted To REtail

COmmitted To REtail

We’ve officially launched our COmmitted to REtail Sales Incentive Program. This program’s mission is to provide shop employee commission benefits designed to re-engage the retail economy.

For over 55 years, the foundation of Smith’s success as a market leader in eyewear and helmets is greatly due to the support of its brick and mortar retailers. Shop influencers and store staff continually serve as our brand ambassadors, educating their customers on the features and benefits of the products they sell. Their knowledge and experience serve as the ultimate testimonial to the gear we choose to trust in our daily lives and wildest adventures.

In an effort to revitalize the economic health of our trusted retail partners, Smith has allocated $300,000 to the launch of its COmmitted to REtail Sales Incentive Program. The program encourages consumers to patronize their neighborhood gear shops by paying a commission directly to the salesperson completing the transaction of Smith sunglasses sold in their store, as well as a strategic rebate provided directly to participating shops for all Smith sunglasses purchases throughout the program period.

Powered by ENDVR – a retail sales app that rewards sales associates with cash for driving sales at their store – the COmmitted to REtail campaign will run throughout North America from June 16 through September 7, 2020. Under the program, sales floor employees will directly receive $5 for every pair of Smith sunglasses they sell.

The COmmitted to REtail program aligns with Smith’s CORE mission towards supporting community responsibility by showing appreciation for the business that helped shape and grow the brand it is today.