The Smith Crew Rallies for TurboDojo Premier at EVO

Andy McCabe & Austin Smith

Premiere season is the official teaser for some pre-winter stoke - projects are dropping, the local shops are hosting premieres for the snowboarding industry within, and at the Smith office it becomes the morning coffee talk.

Last month, the 22nd of September, the Smith crew rallied with over 200 people to fill the floor space at Portland’s Evo for the debut of TurboDojo presented by the Absinthe Crew - one of the longest standing independent snowboard film makers in the industry. It’s a bonus that Evo is our neighbor in Southeast Portland, the launch party was on our home turf. 

PBR is flowin'! Let's get the show goin'!

At the start of the evening, the floor space was covered. The Evo crew had bars set up on both stories, two projectors set up for film screening, and an art show displayed from Smith’s designer Jess Mudgett “The Grey Policy”. Traeger grills was on site making everyone salivate over the feast provided, raffle tickets were available to raise funds for the Snowrider Foundation, and athletes from the film including Kimmy Fasani we’re roaming around the store. The Evo crew was fully prepared for a shred ready kick-off party and that is what they brought.

The Premier

Once everyone had a PBR or two, the lights started to dim as a note to find your seats and the film was about to unleash. Whether you were upstairs or downstairs, there was not an inch of empty real estate in the space to find a seat to sit back and watch the film – the place was fully packed. On comes the opening credits and the crowd begins hooting and hollering, getting stoked to see what these athletes had been up to this past year. Every film Absinthe debuts, the film encompasses the world class snowboarders that continue to push the limits season after season. 

Two Dope Boys and a PBR

This season’s uprising features legendary riders including Mikkel Bang, Nicolas Müller, Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard, Austen Sweetin, Brendan Gerard, Ben Ferguson, Kimmy Fasani Max Buri, Severin Van Der Meer and more. These guys yet again push the boundaries and limitations within snowboarding and make us drool over their parts. If you couldn’t join the party this night, I highly recommend catching these guys on the tour or dropping a dime when it is available to purchase.

Sam Jones is ahead above the rest

At the film’s ending the microphone turned over to the raffle to raise funds for the Snowrider Foundation. Winners won prizes from a Trager Grill to a new snowboard and even a day of heli skiing in Haines, Alaska…the winning tickets we’re obviously stoked.  The closing ceremony of the night was a live performance of Easy Giant, as if the night wasn’t good enough it just kept getting better. Thankfully Evo cleared out majority of the retail space for dancing feet because once the music kicked on people started dancing and all the attention was directed to the sound.

 As the official kick-off to premiere season and teaser to winter hype around Portland, the Absinthe and Evo crew outdid themselves. The night cap for the Smith crew was a last stop at The Elvis Room, you could find us there frequently for “board meetings”. This was the first night of many more premieres, I know we’re stoked to see what else the industry leading riders have prepared for us.

Words by – Sarah Micioni