The Guide's Choice

The pursuit of large trout has led me to places where I question whether the reward is worth the risk. Ultimately, no matter what obstacle I have to overcome the answer always ends up being a resounding yes! It is good therapy to lose cell service and wifi allowing all of your senses to truly come to life. My last journey to Alaska with was no exception. In a short window of 4 days,  and with the guidance of Eric and "Big" Bill Bets, the Guide's Choice in brown ChromaPop and Ignitor were in full use as we camped in a landscape full of happy Grizzlies. I will be the first to say it does not matter how tough you are, setting up a tent at night and camping in Grizzly country will leave you restless and ready for light!  

Due to the wild swing of weather; bright sun, rain, and icy sharp wind we used the buddy system. We had a sighting angler on a high bank and a casting angler on the ground. Not only was this effective, it was a great way to share the experience with your partners. Like in my home state of Colorado the brown ChromaPop lens color is a must have tool in your arsenal against quickly changing light, it gives your eyes a chance to adjust by being dark enough for bright days, and light enough for dark days. 

As the sun disappeared at dusk it was time to enhance my sight with the the Low Light Ignitor lenses. A lot of the fish we caught are not used to low light pressure so it's common to see many anglers heading back to the lodge by 4 pm. I was truly excited to see how the fish reacted in the darker environment and with the enhanced visual from the Ignitors the sight fishing streamer bite was incredible. Even if you could not see the trout eat, the wake it produced as it charged in like a killer whale was a heart racing experience!  I recommend unplugging with Illiamna River Lodge in Alaska and hunting trout the experience of a lifetime behind a pair of Smith Optics!


Tight Lines,

Landon Mayer